19-yr-old Angelo started his creative career as a DJ, while-immersing himself in graphic design and photography – designing concert flyers and album artwork for DJ’s and musicians he was close with. From there he got into Hip-Hop and R&B, where he began experimenting with his artistry in freestyle competitions. With the turmoil of Angelo’s home country pushing him out of Venezuela, he landed in Medellin, Colombia where he dove into Medellin’s music scene as a designer and an artist. In 2018, Angelo started putting together his first records as an artist.

Gathering inspiration from R&B superstars, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Drake, and Michael Jackson, Angelo focused on creating sounds that fit the mainstream R&B-pop trends. Upon moving to Medellin, Angelo was re-inspired by the tropical Latin sounds of reggaeton, afrobeat, and dancehall. Here’s Angelo’s propuesta to us: “Create, risk, and enjoy. In music, in love, in everything.”

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Search our disco library © 2022 Point Records All Rights Reserved